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We Define "Mastering" as

1.) The Process of Making a Single Audio File Sound  The Best That it Can.

2.) The Process of Making Multiple Audio Files Sound Their Best Together.

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We Define  "Mixing"  as

Close Your Eyes..  Hear, Feel, and Imagine Each of the Instruments  Individually  and All Together as they Create an Emotional Impact that Captures You and Makes You Never  Want To Let Go...

Just about All of Us Have listened to a Music Play list at a Social Gathering or in the Car. Have You ever noticed that sometimes when the next song plays, the volume Needs to be Adjusted because the song is Quieter or Louder than the others or some other adjustment is needed, for example the bass ? What if they were busy entertaining their guests or concentrating on the road and couldn't stand by to make such an adjustment ? The Song Would Be Advanced to the Next. Thats where one of the benefits of  Mastering comes into play. You Probably sacrificed a lot of time, energy, effort, and More to make Your Music. You Want to know that when Your Music is Playing Everywhere.... its going to be On Point ! Start to Finish. You Deserve it and the Listeners Deserve it to be Pleasing, not Ear Fatiguing...


Welcome to Detroit Mastering .


If You are like a lot of  "Do It Yourself " Artists out there, You may not have the Tools, Time, or Experience to Mix Your own Projects. Also, You may or may not know that Professionals do not Master their own Music because the vast majority of  Artists in this industry Know that it's Best to have a Fresh set of Seasoned Ears to Finalize the Overall Shape and Level while Keeping the Artists Goals in Mind.  Fear Not , We at Detroit Mastering are here to Help. We would Love to Provide our Decades of Experience,  Huge Gear Collection, and LOVE to your Precious Projects. We Have Tons Of Gear From Giving That Classic Smooth Analog Warmth To The Sonic Accuracy And Low Noise Of Digital. We Blend Old And New Technology And Techniques Together With Our Trade Secrets To Help Create Any Sound You Desire.


To Sum It All Up , The average listener does not know why it sounds Great.  But Every listener always knows when it sounds low quality and  Unprofessional. Having Great Lyrics Is Not Enough. If You Are Lucky Enough To Even Have The Right Person Take the Time To Listen, You Want Your Music To Have A Better Chance To Impress Decision Makers.  It Has To Have That Professional Sound.  Statistics Show That Your Music Is Likely To Get Ejected or Passed On And Discarded After The First 15 Seconds When It Possesses A Low Quality Less Than Professional  Sound. Your Music Represents You.  Detroit Mastering Will Provide Professional Quality Representation To  Your Music Every Time !

Before We Go Any Further,  We Must Come to an Important Understanding.  A Great Sounding, Wonderful Feeling,  Mastered Song HAS to start with a Good Even Sounding  MIX .  Free of Unwanted Distortion, Clipping, Extreme Master Bus Compression, Heavy Handed Eq  or  Other Artifacts. We Have Talented Mixing Engineers If You Need Them In Addition To Our Mastering Engineers.





$ 5 Per Audio Track Channel in Session File *

* Tracks Over 5 Minutes May Incur Additional Fee .  Includes  Revision If  Necessary.

$25 Minimum Charge For Mixing Services. Mastering Included With Mixing Services.

Your Mixing Engineers Will  Not Do The Mastering Process Of Your Project.  Mastering Is Always Done As A Different Process With New Fresh Ears By A Separate  Mastering Engineer As Any Professional Mastering Service Should Be !


Secure Download Provided for Your Project    Included

44.100 k / 16 Bit  Full Quality .wav Files and .mp3 Files  (Additional File Types Available Upon Request)


ISRC / UPC Encoding And MP3 Album Art Embedding   $2 Per Track


Red Book Master CD Delivered to Your Location   $50 USA  $75 International

Complete with CD Text Track Name / Artist Information.

Including Track Order, Fades, Cross-Fading and Spacing Layout to Your Specifications.

Seperate Reference CD Included.

Ship Tracking Information Provided and Signature Required on Delivery.


DDP (Disc Description Protocol) File Folder Download   $25


Editing For Radio Version  $15 Per Track

Provided as a Separate Mastered Track in Addition to Regular Version


Alternate Mix Tailored for Performance of Song   $35 Per Track

(Specific to Mixing Services) Provided as a Separate Mastered Track in Addition to Regular Version

Also Includes a Mastered Instrumental Version Of Your Track

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