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1.  Prepare and Upload Your Files.

In order to achieve the highest quality results, a project should start off with full quality audio file formats rather than compressed formats such as .MP3 or .OGG  We Accept .WAV  .AIFF  Or  .FLAC Formats.


Be sure to keep your audio at the bit depth it was recorded at  (example 24bit) in other words do not use Dither or convert your bit depth when Exporting or Bouncing your Tracks to a Single Stereo File. Bit conversion will be done at the Mastering Stage.


We  accept  44.1 , 48 , 88.2 , 96 , 176.4 , 192  Sample Rates


If You are using our Mixing Services  We Prefer a   Pro Tools   Session File. Be sure to include the main folder that contains the session file, audio files, bounced files, etc.. Be sure to have each channel clearly named (example Guitar, Bass, Lead Vocal, etc...) Be sure to clear any unused audio from the clips bin before Uploading to avoid sending unnecessary audio.


Not a Pro Tools User or Would You Just Rather Send Audio Tracks / Stems ? No Problem. Just provide Us with all the audio files Being Used in your project. Place Them in a Folder And Include The BPM (beats per minute) in the File Name. Example: < Audio_95bpm> Be sure to Consolidate and export each of the Tracks/Stems at the same starting point and same Bit Depth, this is very important to ensure that the files Play Correctly and are in time with each other. If You Are Unclear on how to do this with Your  Audio Software you can find Detailed Instructions for common Recording Software . See below




How To Consolidate and Export Instructions Here

If you have any Insert effects or Plugins on any channels That You Are Happy With , be sure to send the processed version of the audio as we may not have the Exact same Hardware / Plugin available in our Studio or on our Systems. You May Want to Also Consider sending some of the unprocessed versions of tracks as well. Doing this will give Us greater Creative Control over Your Mix.  It is Best to Leave Vocals Dry and Unprocessed. The Resulting Sound From  Removing too much  Reverb is often an undesirable one.  We will add any Necessary Effects during the mixing stage.


Place any and all files or file folders  into a Single File Folder and Name it <your name or the name you provide as the artists name on the order form> THEN Convert this folder into a .ZIP format. Its very easy to convert to .ZIP but if You are not sure how to do this you can find an easy to understand tutorial by clicking on this link :

Learn How to Make a .ZIP File Here

Once you have converted your File Folder and named it, You are ready to Upload it to Us


If You are using our Mastering services Be Sure to read the Diagram below. Failure to do so , could negatively affect the Quality of Your Master. We may suggest Our Mixing Services, request or require You to "fix" your mix (if possible) in extreme cases of Distorted Audio or  Audio containing Undesirable Artifacts that cannot be corrected in Mastering.


If You do not have an Audio Waveform Editor in Which to View an image of Your Waveform like in the diagram below, You may Get One Free. To Speed up the Process, Click Decline when asked to install the various Add-Ons that are often included with Free Software

Get Your Free Waveform Viewing Editor Here

Instructions for Preparing Your Audio For Mastering


Your Project is Now Ready to be  Uploaded !


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